Bloemsec Rapid Response officer received information from the PHG guarding team that one of their guards spotted a suspect busy looting and stealing aircons in the Westdene area.

The Bloemsec Armed Response Officers responded and assisted the members to track down the suspect and arrested him in the Westdene area.

On further investigation, it was found that the suspect had an outstanding warrant for arrest.

The suspect was handed over to SAPS


Bloemsec’s Rapid Response unit received information about students that were robbed in the Universitas area. The Bloemsec Rapid Response officer also received a video about the robbery that took place.

The BRR unit quickly followed up on some leads and information that led to the identification of some of the suspects. Our Rapid Response officer informed Bloemfontein Flying Squad members about the info.

The Bloemfontein Flying Squad members and Bloemsec Rapid Response unit quickly reacted and arrested two suspects and impounded the vehicle that was involved in the armed robbery.

A few days later the third suspect was arrested in the Hilton area by our Rapid Response unit and Bloemfontein Flying Squad


On the morning of the 20th May 2023, around 02:20, our Bloemsec Rapid Response officer and members of multiple security companies received information about stolen belongings that could be in a suspect’s possession.

All members quickly reacted. in a joint operation and successfully arrested the suspect and handed him over to Navalsig SAPS

Stolen goods booked into SAP13 Storeroom.

Bloemsec armed response

was patrolling the area when they came across a security guard from another company asking them to assist with helping to catch a suspect.
A robbery took place, and they stole a cell phone and headphones. Officer Johan Van Der Linde pursued the suspect in the direction indicated. The suspect was arrested by Officer Van Der Linde.

The suspect was handed over to SAPD.

Bloemsec Armed Response

received an alarm signal.  Officer Johan Van Der  Linde and Officer Donald Brophy, were dispersed to the premises and made contact with the co-owner of the business, Mrs Du Plessis who confirmed the back store was on fire.

On arrival, the Bloemsec officers tried to extinguish the flames while waiting for the Mangaung Fire Department. 

The Diesel used for the generators incited the fire.  An ongoing arson investigation is in process. 

Mangaung Fire and Rescue was on site to help with fire extinguishing.