See on Site - ControlRoom

See - on - site

"See on site" - A First in Bloemfontein!

Add an extra layer of security when it comes to protecting you and your property!

Bloemsec see-on-site will link your cameras to your alarm system. Bloemsec Control room will ONLY have access to your cameras when the alarm zone associated with the specific camera has been triggered.

The Bloemsec S.O.S operator will be able to view the scene while contacting the client and dispatching the Armed Response Officer to the scene.

Bloemsec can also provide you with a CCTV system if you don’t have one.


Your cameras are only accessible in the event of an actual alarm an YOU choose exactly which cameras Bloemsec monitors.

Both you (via Smartphone) and Bloemsec (via Control Room) get notifications on alarm activation.

This product integrates fully with the Bloemsec control Room software when and if an alarm is activated! Only replace your DVR, which is backwards compatible with most cameras.