Positive Arrest East End

A client called in reporting that a suspect was on his property. Bloemsec armed response officer R01 was dispersed.  On arrival, the officer arrested the suspect. In his possession was a big tyre and iron that he wanted to steal.  The stolen goods were returned, and the suspect was released at the request of the client.

Positive Arrest Oranjesig

While on patrol the Bloemsec armed response officer was alerted by a client that he spotted a suspect at another premises.  The suspect ran away and was pursued by Bloemsec armed response officer S03. The suspect was arrested.

Positive Arrest Hilton

An alarm notification came through to the Bloemsec Control room. Bloemsec dispersed an armed response officer. The suspect was arrested. It was discovered that the sliding door was damaged. Nothing was stolen as the suspect was arrested on time.

Positive arrest Bloemfontein CBD

Bloemsec Control had an alarm activation, and a Bloemsec Armed Response officer was dispersed.  On arrival, it was discovered that the door was broken. The suspect tried to run away and jumped over the fence.  Bloemsec armed response officer arrested the suspect and handed him over to SAPS.

Arrest report Universitas Rif

Bloemsec Rapid Response unit received a call on a WhatsApp group about a suspect who stole a bicycle and is running towards UFS.

Our Bloemsec Rapid Response unit quickly responded, together with some community members, and arrested the suspect a few minutes later.

The suspect was handed over to the Bloemfontein Flying Squad.

Thanks to all members involved in the success.

Arrest Report Westedene

A Bloemsec Rapid Response unit did crime prevention patrols in the Westdene area where he spotted a suspect that had previously been arrested in the area. 

The Rapid Response officer searched the suspect and found stolen property and house-breaking equipment in his possession.  

The suspect was arrested for the charges and handed over to Bloemfontein Flying Squad.

Arrest Report Westdene

Bloemsec Crime WhatsApp group reported an abandoned motorbike in the Westdene area.

Our Bloemsec team quickly responded and requested the motorbike vin number be tested.

It was discovered that the motorbike was indeed reported stolen.  Bloemsec Control reported this to the Bloemfontein Flying Squad and the motorbike was returned to the police storeroom. 

The following day Bloemsec Rapid Response unit received information about the suspect and quickly reacted with Bloemsec armed response officers for backup. They tracked down the suspect whereabouts. he was arrested and handed over to the Bloemfontein Flying Squad.

Thanks to the Bloemsec team and Bloemfontein Flying Squad members.

Arrest Report Westdene

Bloemsec Control Room Operators received a call. The client informed us that a hijacking was in progress in the Westdene area.

Bloemsec Control Room Operators immediately despatched Bloemsec Rapid Response unit and Bloemsec armed response for backup.

On arrival, the Bloemsec Rapid Response officer made a few phone calls, got tracking information on the vehicle and quickly proceeded to the location.

The Bloemsec Rapid Response unit and members of Dark Sky pursued the stolen vehicle in Heidedal at high speed.

The team chased the vehicle up to phase 10 where the two vehicles (vehicle driven by one of the suspects and the vehicle that was stolen). The suspects opened fire and the Bloemsec Rapid Response officer and the Dark Sky members returned fire. No one was injured.

The stolen vehicle was recovered and the suspects fled the scene.