Positive Arrest Report Pentagon Park

While patrolling through the Pentagonpark area in Olympus Drive a community member informed Bloemsec reaction officer of suspicious guys walking with two dogs in the same direction.

The armed response officer called Ricus from Rapid Response and requested backup.
The Bloemsec officers questioned the alleged suspects that is when they ran away and left the two dogs.
The Bloemsec armed response officers were able to apprehend 3 suspects for the theft of dogs and for being in possession of house break-in equipment.

The team handed the dogs back to the owner and the suspects were handed over to the Bloemfontein Flying Squad.

SAIDSA Security Companies in pursuit of fighting crime.

Positive Arrest Westdene

A victim called in distress to our control room, stating that she was assaulted, stabbed, and robbed.

Bloemsec armed response officer Heinrich and armed response manager Lebeko made contact with her.  The two suspects ran away, and she pursued them while on the phone with the armed response officers.  Both suspects were caught and arrested with the stolen item still in their possession. 

The suspects were handed over to SAPS.

Positive Arrest Waverley

Bloemeye control room operators received a human detection presence alert on our BloemEye street cameras in Waverley. 

Immediately the Bloemsec armed response had been dispatched, to the area for investigation.  On arrival, they spotted suspects still in possession of the stolen items. The suspects took off in an attempt to get away.

Bloemsec’s armed response pursued the suspects and called for backup. 

Ricus from our Bloemsec Rapid Response went in the direction the suspects ran.

Rapid response was directed by our BloemEye control room operators as they followed the live feed of the suspects jumping fences to elude the response officers.  As the team worked together gathering intel and processing the information the suspects were cornered in another street and were arrested.

BLOEMSEC received information that the arrested suspects were wanted for other house break-ins in the area. The suspects were handed over to SAPS.

In our effort to constantly curb crime, all Bloemfontein SAIDSA-affiliated companies work together by monitoring crime via our new radio network.