25 March 2023 at 8:01, we received an alarm in Glen Road, Hilton. Officer Johan Van Der Linde was immediately dispersed. On arrival, the Bloemsec officer was met by the owner at the property, and it was determined that an air-conditioning unit was stolen.
The Bloemsec officer called Rapid Response for backup.
Rapid Response officer, Rikus, and Bloemsec officer arrested 3 suspects with the stolen goods in their possession.
The 3 suspects were handed over to SAPS.


Bloemsec received a distress message on a Crime WhatsApp Group from a client reporting that someone was threatening his family.

Rikus from Rapid Response responded and on arrival, he spotted the suspect exiting the yard with a knife in his possession. 

The suspect was arrested with the assistance of ADT armed response.

The Suspect was handed over to Bloemfontein Flying Squad.


Rikus,  the Rapid Response officer received information about stolen property in Westdene. Rikus notified Bloemsec armed response officer, R1 and other security companies as well as Fichardtpark Neighborhood Association (FNA).

On the property were 3 suspects.  The team searched the property and found stolen goods as well as cameras that were stolen at a business in Brandwag.

The suspects were arrested and handed over to SAPS.


Bloemsec’ Rapid Response officer and Fichardtpark Neighborhood Association (FNA) worked together to gather information on a suspect that was wanted in the Fichardtpark area for theft.

In the early morning hours of March 8th, they received information on where the suspect could be hiding and informed the Bloemfontein Flying Squad. The team rapidly responded to the location of the suspect, in the Hilton area, and arrested him for the outstanding theft case. The suspect was found in possession of drugs.

The suspect’s partner, who he confirmed was also involved, was found and arrested in the Westdene area for possession of drugs.


Bloemsec Armed Response officer Phillip Mxosana spotted a man pushing a bicycle with a bag in his hand down Barnes Road.

He suspiciously picked up speed when he realized he was spotted. The officer made a U-turn and pulled the suspect over.

Officer Mxosana called for backup while he apprehended the suspect.  When questioned the suspect could not account for how he acquired the bicycle.  That’s when the Bloemsec officer searched him and found ladies’ clothing,  underwear and new babies clothing in the bag.

Bloemsec officer Mxosana arrested the suspect and handed the suspect over to SAPS.