Dedicated patrol Service

Dedicated Patrol Service

Bloemsec’s Dedicated patrol service, or DPS, is a Proactive Service that allows for regular patrols past your home either hourly or every 2 hours, depending on the size of the area of operation. The advantage of DPS is that the area is patrolled 24/7, making it a proactive service and cutting down on response time. This contrasts with a regular armed response service which is reactive i.e. reacting to positive alarm signals from a standard location.

The same officers will be patrolling the same DPS areas. This allows them to become familiar with the clients and the community. This includes domestic workers, pets, family and friends. The officers can therefore easily recognize when someone or something is out of place in the DPS Area.

Why D.P.S?

In addition to the dedicated patrol vehicle, DPS areas are privy to some great added- value services which add further layers of safety for the families of those communities.

The following are just some of the advantages that you will get with DPS.

You enjoy the service of a dedicated team in our control room. All areas have their own number, operators and dispatchers who only man the DPS desk. As with the relationship with you, their clientele.

At your request, an operator can patch you through to the DPS vehicle in your area, which will allow you to speak directly with the officer on duty.

Because the DPS Vehicles patrol a dedicated area, which is smaller than the regular armed response perimeter, they are able to respond to your emergency much faster than the regular response officers. We pride ourselves on the low response time of the regular officers, and so the DPS times are even faster!

DPS officers get to know their areas well and will greet the residents and their families. They become familiar with regulars to the area, and because of this they are able to spot any unusual activity. They actively nudge this out of the area, by making their presence known.

If you feel threatened, you can requested the officer (via control) in your area to meet you at your entrance . He will ensure that you are safely in your home.

All DPS officers are required to have a level 3 First Aid Qualification. This allows them to perform basic wound dressing and assistance with distress, as well as emergency birth deliveries, infant CPR and choking. They also keep your loved ones or yourself safe until an ambulance  arrives by utilizing these skills.

All officers are required to have basic firefighting skills. Our DPS officers, however, carry both 1.5KG and 9KG all-purpose fire extinguishers.  These have helped many clients as well as saved their homes and valuables which would have been lost if it were not for the quick response and action of the DPS officers.

All Bloemsec staff are polygraphed pre-employment as well as randomly on a yearly basis thereafter. Response and control centre staff are polygraphed for specific incidents where required.

FREE access to Bloemsec security connect, this puts a panic button in the palm of your hands via your smartphone.

For peace of mind while you are taking a well-deserved break, DPS allows you to request that the DPS officer does a special drive-by and check on your home while you are away.

You will receive our regular weekly ’Alarming News’ newsletter as well as the exclusive ‘Word on the street’ on a quarterly basis. ‘Word on the street’ will keep you up-to-date with incidents in your area and anything topical in relation to crime.